Samling Power Company IPO result date

From today (19th October), Samling Power Company Limited (SPCL) has issued its first public offering (IPO) to the general public.

The company has launched an initial public offering (IPO) worth Rs 73 million. As a result, 730,000 ordinary shares having a face value of Rs 100 each have been issued by the corporation.

Employees will be given 2% of the total shares issued i.e14,600 shares, and MutualĀ funds will receive 5% of the total shares issued i.eĀ 36,500 shares. The remaining 678,900 units will be open to the public to bid for.

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The general public can apply for the shares till the 10th of Kartik. If the whole application is not submitted within that time frame, the deadline will be extended until Karthik 18th. A minimum of 10 lots of shares and a maximum of 20,000 lots of shares can be applied for.

Investors can apply for the IPO through Mero Share or by visiting any C-ASBA member bank or financial institution that has been approved by the Nepal Securities Board, as well as their branch offices.

The company’s sales manager is Nepal SBI Merchant Banking Limited.

The IPO result of Samling Power Company Limited (SPCL) is anticipated to be published on 26th Karthik 2078.

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