How to reset Mero Share Password Online?

Changing Mero Share password was a nightmare until Mero Share started offering the “Forgot Password” feature in its website and application.

Previously, to change the Mero Share password you had to go to your Depository Participants (DP) fill up a long-form and pay some money and wait a tiring time. But as of now, the nightmare has gone.

Today in this tutorial I’m going to show, how to change/reset the Mero Share password online from the Mero Share application and website.

Open Mero Share

First, you have to open the Mero Share application or its website from your browser.

Mero Share
Mero Share home page

Click on “Forgot Your Password”

After opening Mero Share home page you need to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Forgot your password.”

Fill up the Password Reset form

After you click on “Forgot your password” a new password reset page will open which consists of several fields.

Mero Share password reset form.
Mero Share password reset form.

In the Depository Participants (DP) section you have to choose your broker or capital name where you have created your DEMAT account.

In the username section, you need to type your username. Username is generally the last eight digits of your DEMAT number (BOID).

In the email section, you need to provide the email which you have given while registering your DEMAT account.

In the date of birth section, you need to put your English date of birth in MM/DD/YY format.

After, filling all the form fields you need to click “Send” and an email will arrive at your mail with your new password.

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Mero Share Password reset form
Mero Share Password reset form fill up example.

Login and Change your password

After you click send, you will receive a new mail where you will get a temporary password for your Mero Share account.

Mero Share
Example of mail you will receive.

You need to use this temporary password to log in to your Mero Share account, after that Mero Share will ask you to set your new password.

Mero Share Password reset
Mero Share Final Password reset step.

In the above “Old Password” field you will need to enter the temporary password you received in your mail. After that, finally, you have to enter your desired new password in the “New Password” section and repeat your desired new password in the “Confirm New Password” section and click “Change Password”.

Finally, you have changed your Mero Share password online.

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